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Introducing Shruggler

We are a very small but perfectly formed women’s ready-to-wear brand based in London. Each of our pieces are handcrafted and finished with special touches, making them truly unique.

Creating limited-volume collections with vintage, sustainable or recycled elements, Shruggler focuses on modern classic silhouettes, beautiful long-lasting designs with a sustainable approach that honours what came before us.

“As a keen sewer and collector of vintage clothing and fabric, when I was unable to find the style of coat I wanted to wear I decided to make my own.

And with the help and expertise of our local supplier and the talented team at The British Crafts Lobby, all within few short miles of each other, we were able to set about to create some classic clothing using thoughtfully sourced fabrics and trims, many of which are vintage.”

Suzannah, Founder



 “Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future” 


 #imadeyourclothes The talented team at The British Crafts Lobby

Vintage fabrics from the 1960s & 1970s 


 Conscious consumers are turning to slow-fashion brands like Shruggler.













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